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TNT Grappling League



We are a League that promotes sport grappling by creating opportunities for competitors, coaches and martial art schools of all backgrounds to participate and advance in the sport through local, state and world championship. 



We are committed to excellence and the improvement of our sport. We are committed to providing a safe and positive environment for all members.



We want our athletes to receive as much publicity as possible because we believe that the more people learn about our sport the more inclined they will be to join the ranks of our league. We are proud of our sport and we seek to celebrate it whenever possible.  We seek to continue this tradition of competitive excellence. When our elite athletes are successful in fulfilling their dreams our society benefits from the inspiration these athletes give us.




We have established a rating system for tournaments and athletes, as well as judging parameters that will serve to elevate the standards and quality of Sport Grappling.  A Competitors to be ranked and qualify for State Finals must attend a TNT Grappling Qualifier!  Tournaments that uses TNT rules and divisions will be considered a TNT “Qualifier”.  There will be TNT regions throughout Texas.  The players from each of the Region with the most points will earn top ranking at State Finals.  THE MORE YOU COMPETE AND WIN AT A TNT QUALIFIERS, THE BETTER CHANCE YOU WILL RECEIVE THE #1 SEED AT STATE!  ALL 1ST PLACE AT STATE RECEIVES THE CHAMPIONSHIP RING!


The state tournament is open to anyone regardless of being a TNT member; however, all TNT members will be eligible to be seeded (placed in a preferred position of competition) at the state finals. Non seeded competitors will be seeded as “Wild Card” players. The winner of the wild card players will then advance with the seeded players to compete for the state title. We will be using TNT rules at all TNT events .  All competitors are required to check and send any corrections before the TNT State Finals deadline on our website. The season begins January and ends October of each year.  A copy of the official TNT rules can be downloaded on our website.  


TNT promises to endeavor to bring sport grappling in Texas to a new level. The TNT publications will unite formerly leagues by making martial artists’ names familiar to each other and by forming friendships that span the state. You can expect to see TNT publications recognizing new and up-and-coming faces as well as reviewing current tournaments.  We look forward to another fantastic year and hope to see you  real soon!


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